The Emerald Open 2018

Girls 2

Wojtek’s students competed in the annual Emerald Open at the weekend and as always they made him very proud with great achievements in the Minor, Juvenile, Junior and Adult sections.

All the dancers put on amazing displays on the dance-floor and there were trophies and medals in lots of categories across the Open Championships and the Student/Teacher Events.

🏆🏆   Open Events Champions   🏆🏆 

  • Han Qi Yu & Lilly Kearns – Latin Minor Open winners
  • Austin Choo & Madison Jones – Ballroom Minor Open winners
  • Hannah Rowe & Beau McGowan – Latin Juvenile All-Girl winners
  • Vanessa Pojoga & Katherine Pavlov – Ballroom Juvenile All-Girl winners
  • Han Xuan Yu & Daniela Ceban – Ballroom Juvenile2 winners, Ballroom Juvenile C class 2nd place, Latin Juvenile C class winners, Latin Juvenile 5dance 3rd place
  • Sinead Doyle  and her partner- Ballroom Juvenile A class winners, Latin Juvenile 5dance winners
  • Sean Doyle & Megan Elliott – Latin Junior 5dance 4th place.
Sean & Megan

🏆🏆  Student/Teacher Champions  🏆🏆 

  • Lilly Kearns –  Ballroom and Latin Winner (Minor 2 Level 1-3)
  • Madison Jones –  Ballroom and Latin Winner (Minor 2 Level 4-5)
  • Cezara Oca – Ballroom Winner (Junior Level 4-5)
  • Elaine O’Dwyer – Ballroom and Latin Winner (Over 35 Level 10)


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🥈🥉 Student/Teacher Event Finalists 🥈🥉 

  • Kalina Morgan – Ballroom and Latin 2nd place (Minor 1 Starter)
  • Austin Choo – Latin Minor 3rd place (Minor 2 Level 1-3)
  • Justin Plesca – Ballroom 4th place, Latin 5th place (Juvenile Level 1-3)
  • Beau McGowan – Latin 3rd place and Ballroom 6th place (Juvenile Level 1-3)
  • Lauren O’Dwyer – Ballroom 5th place (Juvenile Level 1-3)
  • Ala Morgan – Latin 4th place (Juvenile Level 1-3)
  • Cezara Oca – Latin 2nd place (Junior Level 4-5)
  • Ana Collins – Both Ballroom and Latin 2nd place (Under35 Level 4-5)
  • Avah Wall – Both Ballroom and Latin 2nd place (Juvenile Level 10)
  • Caroline Romanciuc – Both Ballroom and Latin 2nd place (Under35 Level 10)


Check out some of our videos and photos from the busy weekends event.





Sean – Madalina
Wojtek – Elaine
Mammy, Daughter Dancing
How do I look?…..
Caroline – Austin
Wojtek – Avah
Giz a kiss partner…..
Han – Daniela
Dan – Daniela
Wojtek – Austin – Madison
QiQi – Lily

We are now busy training hard for the upcoming Cork Open on March 24th

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