Star Cup Ritmo Danza Italy 2018

Our amazing journey to participate in International events was a big focus during the 2017/18 season and in June, 5 of our couples competed in the Italian Star Cup. The 5th Star Cup Ritmo Danza was held in the beautiful location of Faenza, Italy and hosted some of Worlds top couples.

All 5 couples – Sean & Megan, Sinead & her partner, Han & Daniela, Sebastian & Avah and Justin & Erika made a huge impact on the tough dance-floor and we were overjoyed with their results.

** Juvenile1 Standard **
1st place:
Justin & Erika

** Juvenile1 Latin **
2nd place: Justin & Erika

** Juvenile2 Standard **
1st place: Sinead and her partner
2nd place: Han & Daniela

** Juvenile2 Latin **
2nd place:  Sinead and her partner
4th place: Han & Daniela
5th place: Sebastian & Avah

** U15 Latin results (60 couples entered) **
11th place: Sean & Megan
15th place:  Sinead and her partner
27th place:  Han & Daniela
41st place:  Justin & Erika
47th place:  Sebastian & Avah


Han and Daniela
Latin time
Sebastian and Avah
Flying high

From start to finish the whole experience was great and everyone enjoyed the chill time after the competition by the pool. It was great to see our students unwinding and celebrating Italian style.

Check out some of our videos of our stars dancing via our You Tube channel.



It may be summertime but we are still crafting our student’s skills to prepare for the upcoming biggest competition of the world – The German Open Championships in August.

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