WDSF Junior Latin World Championships 2018 in Bilbao, Spain.

In October of this year our junior couple – Sean and Megan were chosen to represent Ireland at the WDSF World championships in Bilbao, Spain.


This was a pinnacle for these dancers who have worked hard for the past few years to reach this level of dancing…and what an experience they had.
To carry the Irish flag onto the dance floor surrounded by champion dancers from every nationality imaginable was an experience they will never forget.
The quality of dancing from their peers was at an extremely high level but they held their own on the floor and danced themselves proud through a number of tough, high intensity rounds of dancing.


Sean &Megan competed in 2 high profile events:
1.     The WDSF Junior Latin World Championships  – placing 60th.
2.     The WDSF Junior2 Latin – placing 23rd.

From 2019 Sean and Megan will move into Youth division so this international experience has been a great stepping stone for them as they enter a new phase of their dance career.

Hope you will enjoy their performances just as much as the audience in Spain did!


Our couple were also lucky enough to receive a very generous sponsorship from Spiritual Ceremonies to help them fund this experience so our school and parents are very grateful for this support.


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