New WPDA clothing!

With the start of 2021/2022 competitive season, we decided to also start fresh with our universal WPDA clothing.
It can be used as normal clothes, exercise clothing or dance practise wear!

Our teachers and dancers really enjoyed the photo and video shoots organised by the Academy.

We are looking forward to have more next year!

We always make sure It’s not only about work, but plenty of fun and laughs also!

Due to popular demand, we are in process of ordering more sets now!
If you are a student of our Academy, contact us directly to get your very own.

Thank you as always to FruitFrame Films, your hard work and passion for what what you do is never unnoticed and always very appreciated.

We can’t wait to see what our collaboration will bring in 2022!

For details of any classes please contact the Academy for more information.

Location & Timetable of all classes can be found here: Contact us