WPDA International Training Camp 2022

Some very exciting news to mark the start of new dance season – we have organised an International Training Camp at WPDA this August.

We are very lucky to be able to host an event of such calibre at our studios.

Introducing our guest teachers, both world renowned coaches and adjudicators.

Mr. Igor Gutovskyi:

Igor has trained multiple World and European champions of several federations like Sergiu Rusu & Dorota Makar, Derek Hough & Aneta Piotrowska or Egle Visockaite.

He is also a world class event organiser, known for hosting competitions and training camps on every continent.

Mr. Sergiu Rusu:

Sergiu is a former Standard World Champion, World Cup Winner, European Champion, British Open Champion, German Open Champion, Asia International Champion, China Open Champion, Manhattan Dance Champion.

The camp will run for 3 days (August 24th, 25th & 26th) from 11.30am – 6.00pm (11.30am sign in, first workshop 11.45am).

Each day will consist of 5 training workshops (2 Standard, 2 Latin and 1 Freestyle) and two performance guided practice sessions (1 Standard and 1 Latin).

There will also be a number of private lessons available to book for our students.

On the last day we will have a Show and Awards night that all parents are welcome to attend.

On the night you will get to see some amazing shows created during the camp, team match competitions, show dance competitions and an awards ceremony, with some amazing prizes for the best dancers and participants throughout the camp.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Enjoy some of Mr. Sergiu’s performances:

Show Dance competition!

Every dancer participating in the full camp, will be able to enter the competition and present their own, special Show Dance to the open audience at the end of the camp.

You can use what you will learn in Freestyle workshops throughout the camp, but the theme is completely up to the dancer, it can be a mixture of 2/3 or more dances, you can use a mix of songs of your choice, you can team up in duos/trios or use your imagination in any other way.

Dress code is also open.

Minimum length required will be 1,5min., max. 2,5min.

We will have very attractive awards for the winners!

Some of Mr. Igor’s events:

Dubai Dance Open Championship.

Hurghada Dance Festival, Egypt.

If you wish to sign up or have any questions, simply send us a message.

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