East Coast Cup 2023

On April 16th we attended the East Coast Cup in Co. Wicklow.

Our Academy had a very successful day with winners and finalists in all events.

Lets introduce some of our Winners……..


Nicole – First place in both of her Ballroom events.

She is 12yrs of age and she competes in Under15 ‘S’ Class – the highest International level.


Lauren – First place in her Ballroom events.

She is 13 & an ‘S’ Class competitor – the highest International level and she regularly represents Ireland around the world.

Mateo and Lara

Mateo and Lara – First place in ALL their Ballroom AND Latin events.

Mateo is 6yrs of age, Lara is 5 and they compete in the highest National class for Under8 dancers and have just started their successful, International career.

Daniil & Mary

First place in ALL their Ballroom AND Latin events.

Daniil is 8yrs of age, Mary Rose is 9 and they compete in the Open circuit of Under12 events.

Newly formed couple with huge potential for future.

Marcel & Estelle

First place in their Latin events.

Marcel and Estelle are in partnership for only 6 months and they quickly became a very strong couple in the Open circuit of Under12 events ⚫️🟡®️ We look forward to seeing what future holds for these dancers.


First place in ‘B’ Class events.

Filip and Olivia are a very well known brother and sister Juvenile Champion couple who regularly represent Ireland and our Academy at International events.


Winner of Adult Solo events – Magdalena is also regularly competing internationally.


Second place in ‘A’ Class events.

Justin and Madison are our Junior1 International couple – they recently represented WPDA in USA, New York and brought the Championships trophies home 🇮🇪🔝

Now we prepare to travel to Cyprus to compete at the Cyprus Open 2023…we are very excited for this new competition


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