Hip-Hop in WPDA!

We are very excited to launch our new hip hop classes. This is the newest phase of the expansion of our dance school into new forms of dance, bringing different dance styles under one roof.

Our hip hop classes will be full of energy and suitable for every child. In addition to the great moves that dancers will learn, they will be taught the highest level of hip hop technique.

We are delighted to welcome Kelly Costa to the school as our hip hop instructor.
Kelly was previously the All Ireland champion,Irish Open champion, Blackpool UKA ‘stars and above’ champion in ballroom & latin with our school before focusing on the dance college and she now holds the title of All Ireland overall hip-hop solo champion from Trabolgen and also holds an impressive record of 6 solo hip-hop titles in a row during 2018.
She is part of the overall winning crew in Trabolgen and Spectrum competitions.

Classes start Saturday 16th February at 3pm.

No term commitments – just come along and try a class anytime.


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