DanceMania 2019

DanceMania 2019

WOW……..what a brilliant weekend of dance & fitness we had.

On April 6th our school was delighted to welcome some of Europe’s best dance fitness instructors!

Enjoy the watch!


JUSTYNA MIKOŁAJCZYK was first to take us through our paces and we enjoyed an hour long action packed Zumba class filled with sore legs, sore bums, sore arms, lots of sweat but great energy & lots of laughs along the way.  A really great class with an amazing instructor who made everyone feel very welcome and included.



And whatever little feeling our legs had left was about to be squeezed out by another Justyna.
This time JUSTYNA BOLEK who was next up to work us even more.  Along with one of her many instructors Paulina they introduced us to a new style of dance fitness – ‘Slavica Dance’ which is a fun mix of fitness and traditional Polish dance steps. Justyna gave us a great class packed with energy and a great taste of this new form of fitness which is now available in Ireland !


Thank you all for a great masterclass and we look forward to hosting another one very soon….when our legs recover that is 🙂

Coming back after summer!!!


For details of any classes please contact school for more information.

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Beginner classes are as follows:
Kids Ballroom & Latin – Saturdays at 11-12pm up to 6year olds and 12-1pm 7years + .

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For details of any classes please contact school for more information.

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