Our Pandemic Experience: One Year On

Throwback to March 2020, little did we know what the year would have in store for us – the Covid-19 pandemic has surely taken the world by storm, our DanceSport world not spared. We, like everyone else, have had to adapt to new ways of learning and teaching. The dedication and strong will of our dancers and teachers alike has seen this transition through successfully, with all becoming tech-savvy and using online platforms such as Zoom for their lessons. So here we are, a year hence, happily waltzing away in our own makeshift ‘mini-studios’ at home.

We have regular classes running online as per usual schedule as well as one-on-one lessons with our teachers every day of the week. While we applaud our students for their hard work and not losing sight of their dance goals, we also thank all parents involved for their much-needed support. Most importantly, we recognise and appreciate the thorough professionalism with which our teachers work – from planning lessons to seeing them through smoothly – catering to dancers of all age groups and abilities.

Apart from our regular group classes and lessons, we have also had a number of workshops and events over the past few months. Our students are a lucky bunch who get to learn from established teachers from all over the world. We are grateful to all teachers for sharing their knowledge with us, and of course to our Director and Principal Teacher – Mr. Wojtek Potaszkin – for facilitating these wonderful opportunities.

6 December 2020

WPDA organised for a workshop and lessons with multiple Bulgarian champion, Mr. Kaloian Ivanov. These were focused on the Latin dances.

24 January 2021

Students attended the DFI Online Training Camp

Latin with World Latin Champions Armen Tsaturyan and Svetlana Gudyno from Russia.

Ballroom workshops with 5 time World Champions Dmitry Zharkov and Olga Kulikova.

24 January 2021

Our teachers attended the DFI Teachers Congress conducted by Anastasia Titkova from Russia.

31 January 2021

We had multiple world major titles holder Victoria Martin join us for a workshop.

As a competitor, Victoria represented Italy, England and Ireland. She is an accomplished commercial dancer, being Principal dancer and touring all over the world with ‘Burn The Floor’. She has also worked as a pro dancer on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, Italy.

This was Victoria’s first workshop with WPDA during which she got well accquianted with all students, shared some of her experiences from the dancing world with them and worked on basic Latin movements.

21 February 2021

We were pleased to have Victoria back with us for a Jive workshop and lessons as well.

28 February 2021

In 2020, Wojtek received the World DanceSport Federation Adjudicator Licence – the highest judging licence there is for DanceSport competitions around the world.

In February, he attended the WDSF Adjudicators Congress along with over 450 of the worlds top adjudicators, being the only Irish representative at the event.

21 March 2021

One of the top International Standard couples from Poland – Michal Zacharewicz and Kasia Czyzyk – joined us for a day of lessons and workshops.

They shared their expertise in the standard ballroom dances with our students, working on fundamental movements suited to all levels of dancers.

Students in action at the workshop

We are proud to say that despite the challenges that the pandemic has brought with it, we have proven to be a resilient lot, taking on the ever-changing scenario in our stride and moving forward.

Armed with the right balance of our core values – dedication, attitude and passion – we are committed to work together as a team and further grow in this dance journey.

Follow us for updates – we are open to beginners and experienced dancers – group classes and private lessons available – all online and no partner required!

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